Infection Control And Prevention Services In York


We know that work environments are subject to the introduction and transfer of many germs, bacteria and viruses. With the rise of super bugs such as MRSA, COVID-19 and NDM-1 professional cleaning is an essential part of infection control.
At 2Venture we use ultra low volume (ULV) foggers to administer award winning infection control solutions and surface protection, Our state of the art foggers produce micro droplets between 1-30 microns. The fogger produces a very fine vapour that travels like a gas, finding all areas normally out of reach and coating with a thin residual barrier that can stay active for long periods of time.




Some of the key characteristics to our system are:

Log Kill 6

Recent winner of nhs infection control trials through smart solutions for healthcare

Has 4 biocides and a polymer backbone which offers ongoing residual efficiency, Working for weeks, months after application

Rapid kill

safe for humans and pets the nanoscopic scale is too small to harm people

4 – Biocides
2 – Microbial Control & Residual Efficacy
9 – Nano-scopic level activity

We work closely on a daily basis with setting such as Hotels, Nursing homes, Nurserys, Schools, Offices etc

Understanding that staff having time off due to illness can be costly and frustrating, We can come in out of hours to completely fogg your settings to sanitise all surfaces, your place of work will be accessible with 60 minutes of us finishing. Our system is also great in 24/7 environments such as hospitals and nursing homes as it causes minimum disruption to patients and staff

Our Anti-Microbial solutions are safe to use in commercial environments, fully compliant and have passed testing within the NHS –
It meets Compliance for REACH and the 2010 B.P.D. initiative.

With a log kill of 6 (bleach has a log kill of 3) and is still safe to use around humans and food surfaces. It has a log kill of 6 against HDM-1 in 30 seconds.

Protect your workplace now…. You and your employees deserve it